Saturday, August 6, 2011

Song of the Moment #2

There is something about this music video that really makes me smile.  I love the storytelling.  It is so Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story.  Rock and Roll mixed with the 1980's... can't really go wrong.  Throw in Tyler Posey and *swooooon*.  Oh! And the song is really great too!! (*grin*)  So easy and sweet sounding with a sad message.  

I have ALWAYS wanted a real leather jacket... though I can't make up my mind on an exact style!  One thing that is nice about them though... they can be so timeless and able to work with a lot of different looks.

These shoes are wild!  Not sure where I would wear them but I swear I need them...

I'm so addicted to painting my nails lately, something I abandoned for a long time but was obsessed with when I was younger.  I am going to have to try something similar to this... it is so funky and unique.

Having a good Saturday?  It's still so early... I'm not sure what I'm doing yet!  Though I know I'm going to make a huge batch of sweet tea and most likely finish up the sixth Harry Potter book.  Other than that?  Pshhh.... I'll worry about it later. :)

1 comment:

  1. I really love the leather jacket. I'm saving up to invest in one this fall, finally! I've been coveting one for months!


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