Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday Favorites #3 -- Woops! On a Saturday...

Ahhh!!  So, yesterday I was so excited to share my Shrimp Creole recipe I forgot it was Friday!  I know... I know... how is that even possible?  Well, I blame early mornings and a lack of caffeine.... ;)  So oh well... no harm, no foul!  Right?!!  I hope you enjoy these... I have been eyeballing them for a long time!

 This wooden ring is so simple yet elegant.

 Heeeerrrre Kitteh, kitteh!!!  Jinx needs this bowl, even if he doesn't know it.

 Anything old and rusty has always been one of my favorite subjects when it comes to my own photography.  This print isn't mine but it sure is amazing.  I am in love with the colors!

 I love this upcycled hat with the little pop of color!

 A fully functioning iphone dock?!! What!!  Now...... if only I had an iphone..... :P

Anything rabbit is always a favorite in my book... and these earring studs are just precious.

Sorry for being a day late!!  Mike's time off from work really screwed up my days of the week.  What do you think of these finds? Anything catch your eye?


  1. The phone iphone dock is hilarious and awesome! It's a great idea to have new technology in old technology.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love those earrings! Bunnies are theee best :)

  3. I love the bunny earrings! So precious. Anything with bunnies is great :)

  4. I love the wooden ring and those bunny earrings are too cute! :)

  5. great finds!! I love that cycle hat! xo

  6. Oh how I've missed your posts! I've been without internet for what seems like forever...and still kinda am...but I LOVE that kitty bowl! I've gotta catch up on blogs!

  7. Love the bunny earrings. My sister just gave me two vintage hammered brass bunny wall hooks, I am crazy about them!

    Love, C


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