Sunday, August 21, 2011

Enjoying A Little Sweetness -- Door County Style

A few days ago Mike and I were feeling restless.  He had a day left of his vacation and though he wasn't excited to go back to work (and I sure didn't want him to go) we were getting bored with being home.  A walk around town was in order.  I was craving some ice cream and knew just where to go... Door County Candy!  Of course I had to get a bunch of pictures just to show you how awesome this place is.

They have a TON of old style candies.

 These have always been my favorite. :)


 HUGE Jawbreakers!!


 I'm horrible at finishing sweets..... I eat a few bites and it gets to be too much!  Yama sure did like it... :)

Do you have an awesome candy store like this near you?  What are you favorite kinds of candy?  I'm not really a chocolate type person, I go for more of the fruity/sour types!  I love gummy worms and Starbursts. :D


  1. We have 1 candy store but I never go to it. And I should. Because now I'm totally craving candy and ice cream.

  2. i love old fashioned candy shoppes like this! what town of door is this one in? we are thinking of a weekend trip up there sometime soon. we stayed in fish creek last year. xo

  3. In Santa Cruz we have Marini's Candy, which pretty much looks like all the pictures you just shared, except full of annoying children!

  4. Yes, we have a shop called Riverside Chocolate Factory that has been here since I was a kid, 40+ years. It's always packed before the drive-in movie starts with people getting stocked up on movie treats. It's in McHenry, IL.

  5. Hi!

    That ice cream (does not look deliciuos:p) but it has such pretty colors! i love them!

    I dont have a candy store nearby... ):
    I love candyy! Im a chocolate person definitly(:

    Have an awesome day! full of fun and fruity candy(;

    Carmila Ponycat (

  6. I wish we had an awesome candy store here! I love sour and fruity candy too!

  7. We have a place near us called Sweet Street, they have all the vintage candy and make homemade chocolate. My favorite is their dark chocolate covered honeycomb. Yum!

  8. Oh man! I love your comments!! And your posts! Really they make me smile and laugh, Yama is adorableeeeee he looks like my dog Mozzarella, well not really mine's a golden retriever but he does that exact same face :D
    If you do make a bracelet please show us!! We would love to see it! Thank you for following us, we are following you too ;)
    -Sandra Ponycat

  9. I love Nerds, and Nerds Rope, and dark chocolate.


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