Sunday, August 14, 2011

Seven Things

While reading through my favorite blogs early this morning I stumbled upon "Seven Things" over on one sheepish girl.  Since I didn't have any plans yet on a post I figured it would be a good time to blab about myself for awhile (cue: excitement. :P).  If you decide to do this yourself let me know so I can check it out!

1. Venice
2. Egypt
3. Amsterdam
4. Ireland
5. Japan
6. Alaska

2. A bookshelf (I need one so bad!)
3. Bread
4. My own business cards
5. Clothes! (Note: learn to sew)
6. Pet treats 
7. Beer!

1. Anne Rice
2. Edgar Allan Poe
3. My Great Great Grandfather on my ... anyone's side. (Just to see what they were like)
4. J. R. R. Tolkien
5. Robert Jordan
6. F.D.R.
7. Ramses the Great

1. iPad
2. DSLR Camera (!!!!)
3. House
4. Piano
5. Vanity
6. Canopy bed (!!)
7. Hammock 

1. Chewing with your mouth open.... eeeek!
2. Silverware scratching on plates
3. Turned down pages
4. Plastic wrap
5. Long sleeves
6. Sneezes (just my own)
7. A sink full of dishes.... that haven't been rinsed. (aaahhkkk!)

1. Moulin Rouge
2. Interview with the Vampire
3. Kill Bill
4. Chocolat
5. Memoirs of a Geisha
6. Babel
7. Fight Club

1. Wiggle
2. Lisp
3. Cocoon
4. Funk
5. Pigeon
6. Uncle
7. Porcupine

Today my grandparents get in to town and we will be going to dinner to celebrate my recent marriage. :) :)  I'm still not 100% sure on where we're going but I think we're going to the place with the goats (yes, I said goats. More on this later).  The next two days will be spent exploring the little peninsula I call home and catching up.  Oh, and what's with the ultra flattering picture?  Well, I figured..... I got nothin'.  It just makes me giggle. 

Have a great Sunday!! :D


  1. What a fun post! The goggles are cute and it made me laugh too. But I wouldn't recommend wearing them to dinner!

    Hope you have a great week!!!

  2. hmmm...I'm thinking now on my seven things. Start with: Barcelona and Hong kong :))

  3. I want to learn to make bread & beer too!

  4. Love your list. I've always wanted a canopy bed...why is furniture so expensive?! I did find a vanity for free on craigslist and just refurbished it...can't beat free! Venice would be so amazing! Why are things that we really want so pricey! Grr! :p

  5. DSLR is on the top of my list... sigh.


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