Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Make Butter

Lately I have been on a "Make My Own Stuff!" kick... more so than usual.  While watching Food Network one night (Chopped fans here?) and seeing a chef make his own whipped cream I realized... I've never done that.  To the internet I immediately ran and after doing some reading and research I decided to make.... butter.  It just sounded more fun than whipped cream and much more practical! ;)

Handmade Delicious Butter
What you will need: Heavy whipping cream, blender/food processor/mixer/mason jar

I bought four half pints of heavy whipping cream. This made me about 12 ounces of butter. 

 Pour it into the mixer!  You're going to want to mix it on medium to medium high speed.  It'll splatter a bit!

 Lookie!  It's starting to do.... something!  It's getting all fluffy and bubbly..... exciting.

 Whipped cream! The real stuff!  Of course I had to dip my spoon in and try it (with a dash of suger) and lemme tell you... I almost stopped right there and ate it straight out of the bowl. Who needs butter anyway??? 


 Okay, focus Cas.  Let it whip some more and it will start to separate and turn yellow.  It will also start to splatter.  This is the buttermilk separating!

 Once it is fully separated you are finished.  Just stick your hands in there and scoop up all of the butter and give it a nice big squeeze.  I rolled it in some paper towels to squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Give it a nice rinse in some cold water as well to get all the buttermilk out. Pancakes anyone?  Just strain it and the buttermilk is definitely usable!

Look at me!  I'm a butterball!

After pressing my butter into a small tupperware container I mixed in a little bit of salt.  This is of course optional, it's totally your preference.  Now, this method isn't really cheaper than buying butter at the store. Each half pint cost me $1.09 and like I said I got less than a pound of butter.  But... I really like the idea of knowing exactly what is in it and hey... it was a blast to make!

P.S. - Wonder about the mason jar in the "What you will need"?  I almost forgot... when I was in middle school we made butter at summer camp!  Just pour the heavy cream in to a jar and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE until you can't shake anymore.  It's the same concept.... but a bit more labor intensive.

Have you ever made your own butter before? Let me know if you try this!  It is so delicious... you definitely won't regret it.


  1. fun! I have made my own whipped cream before, but never got to the butter stage. But it's definitely something I've thought about doing!

  2. Wow - looks like a fun process! Made me want some whipped cream, though:)

  3. How cool! Thanks for this awesome recipe. I've never even thought about making butter. :)

  4. Wow, you're a pro! That's SO awesome! I've never made it before. But I love knowing what all the ingrediets are in my food. =)

  5. you make it look so easy!! Never thought of making butter, but it's a good idea to make your own! that way you know what's in it!!!

  6. this is so cool! i've made whipped cream before in my magic bullet, but never butter! perhaps it could be cost effective if you could somehow buy heavy cream in bulk, on sale, etc... hmmm...

    :) xx


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