Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sushi Night

Until I moved to Wisconsin, I had never had sushi.... which is pretty unbelievable because before moving here I lived in Seattle for like two years....  Sad, I know.  It wasn't until about a month ago when Mike and I found out one of our favorite bars has sushi ever Monday night.  We just had to try it.

Before I show off my sushi shots I need to tell you a little about this place.  In case you aren't aware, I live in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin which is on a teeny itty peninsula jutting off of Wisconsin into Lake Michigan.  It is an amazing little town and I'm already dreading moving away in three years when Mike transfers.  It's that amazing.

Those three shots up above are right down the road from my house... driving over the bay to the other side of town.

Anyway!  So, we went to Beach Harbor Resort for sushi and it's an awesome little place. It's right at the end of a little dead end road, right on the water.  The place is like a laid back cheap motel mixed with a bar and a funky backyard restaurant. It's simply amazing.  You can take your dog and sit outside for hours and just take in the water and relax....... ahhhhhhh..... :)

Despite it being almost 90 out we of course had to sit outside (which explains why I forgot to take pictures of inside -- woops!).  We ordered the same thing we always do which is the "Go Fish" platter.  It is an all raw platter with a mix of salmon, crab, eel and shrimp. Soooo good!  I especially love the ones with the cream cheese inside. Yum!

I was so excited to come home and load my pictures to see how they turned out. Even though I was completely stuffed the pictures still made my mouth water a little bit. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend and Monday... here's to a great week!


  1. Mmmm, sushi is one of my faves! I like that you had to move to Wisconsin to discover your love of it. :-)

  2. LOVE Sushi,

    I didnt realize they had stuff like that, but I suppose with the lake being so big, it is like a beach side ocean . looks like a fun town, and delicious sushi.

  3. It loks absolutely gorgeous---but I still can't stomach the whole "raw fish" idea.

  4. Such a great blog, wonderful pictures!
    FOLLOW ME ;)

  5. Such pretty pics! I love being by the water. I don't even like to go out on boats often (seasick central), but I love to look at them and feel the breeze coming in off the water. :)

  6. eek!! i tried sushi once our first year of marriage. couldn't even chew it! it's not for me-- although the pictures are so beautiful. i'd probably give it one more go if it meant dining there. it looks so fun!:)


  7. I'm in Seattle right now! In the mood for sushi...

  8. What a gorgeous place to live! And yum, those sushi photos have my tummy grumbling for some. *drool*


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