Saturday, July 9, 2011

Purple Preview

In a few weeks I will be bleaching all of my hair and dyeing it a nice shade of purple!  I decided on using Special Effects - Wildflower which is a nice purple with a very slight bluish tint to it.  I am going to go for a more pastel version of the color though. Thanks so much Kaylah from The Dainty Squid for your wonderful hair tutorial!!  I have never bleached all of my hair before and am actually a bit nervous.  Putting funky colors in my hair though is nothing new... but my whole head?? Should be interesting. :)

A few days ago my friend Nanc' put a few purple pieces (yes, they look blue!) in my hair to try testing the pastel theory out.  I'm not sure we diluted it with enough conditioner because it wasn't as light as we wanted but it is still cute.  Can't wait to do all of it!  I will definitely do my best to document the process.


  1. Good luck! I would LOVE to be able to give my black hair an overhaul (I have my heart set on fire engine red) but working in a legal department it just doesn't allow me to explore anything outside "normal"...boring! :p
    Can't wait to see how your hair turns out, I'm sure it'll be a fun change! :)

  2. Awesome! Have fun with it. I've been threatening magenta for years but have never had the nerve to try it.

  3. Wow, I love your hair! It reminds me of a peacock! =)

  4. Thank you so much, Hope. :D


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