Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aren't They Precious!

I had a post full of some great Etsy finds all ready to go for today until I woke up and decided.... today is made for cuteness.  It's time for some animals!  Jinx was also being pretty good for the camera which is rare.  Had to take advantage of it!

Yama is getting HUGE! We weighed him the other day and he is 75 pounds!  And only seven months old.... so crazy.  I can't imagine him much bigger than he already is. 

 Ok, so I said Jinx was being good for the camera but I didn't say he was in a good mood. Doesn't he look moody in this picture?  He is such a grouch in the mornings!

 This is my female betta fish, Chloe!  I have had her for almost a year now.  She actually has a ton of personality for a fish. She gets excited and swims up and down when I sit down and tries to attack my finger if I put it near the tank.... :)

 Rupert! The newest addition to the family.  He is a male betta and the reason for the new tank.  Unfortunately, I can't put the two of them together!  Lovers forever separated, I suppose. :P

 The new tank! Sorry the lighting is so bad!  I was having such a hard time getting a good shot without a horrible glare.

 My desk is clean!  I promise this is the only time you will see it like this.  Most of the time it is a cluttered mess.  On a normal day you can find books, embroidery thread, nail polish, netflix envelopes, candy..... :)

 Mike's mother lives in Louisiana right down the road from Troy Landry (from Swamp People!!) She sent us two shirts and a bumper sticket that says "Choot Em!", one of the phrases Troy is known for.  We knew they lived in the same town but were shocked when she told us she knew him!  So exciting!  He is our favorite person on that show.  Also, the purple is holding pretty well in my hair!  It has faded slightly but still very noticeable. 

A better shot of the shirt!!  I love it. :D


  1. I love the dual fish tank, I tried to bring a beta into the home, but my cat Benny tried to eat it and ended up getting sick from the fish water! I had to find a new home for Bella the Beta. Yours are so pretty! Love the colors.
    Yama is such a big fluffy puppy! How big do they think he will get? Jinx is soooo pretty...bad morning mood and all :)

  2. Great pets! Your dog is so awesome!

  3. Thanks!!

    Jenna - Yama's dad was 150 and his mother was around 120 so we will see!!! I hope he gets close to his dad's weight... I LOVE big dogs!

  4. How adorable! Wow, that dog is HUGE! I used to have Beta fish! The most recent one I had was a sad little thing from Wal-Mart. My mom and I were walking down the isle and he was the only one left. AND in nasty dyed water. She said "he looks bad..no one will ever buy him." That's when I said, "yep, I am." =) He lived quite a while, too. I have 8 cats! Yes, 8. I'm crazy about each one. They are my children. =)


  5. Cute shirt. YOur critters are adorable. Jinx looks sweeter than moody. As for Yama....exactly how long do you think he will continue to be a lap dog? I work with animals and I gotta say, you will be able to sit on his lap soon! He is adorable!!!


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