Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beautiful Tarot Cards

I have been studying the Tarot for a few weeks now and am very attached to my deck.  It belonged to my Great Grandmother and is very special to me.  However, I have thought about perhaps setting aside her deck to maintain it's integrity and get a new deck that is all my own.  I have not made a decision yet but I have looked and read about a lot of different decks!  Right now my favorite is Legacy of the Divine Tarot.  The art is amazing and each card is breathtaking.


  1. I bought a tarot deck once. I returned it because I couldn't figure it out :(

  2. Beautiful! I LOVE viewing tarot decks. I am currently working with the "Tarot of a Moon Garden"...I found it at a Renaissance Faire many years ago, and have been in love with it ever since.

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful art!


  3. Emily - Aww... the Tarot is definitely not something you can learn quickly... unfortunately. It takes a lot of patience and study until you are really comfortable.

  4. While I have never really been into Tarot (it is too psychic-esque for me) those cards have some amazing art on them. Good Call putting you Grandmothers away, I always want to use vintage stuff, but when it is something that naturally will gain wear and tear from normal use, it is sometimes better to save them for others to enjoy looking at in the future.

  5. J - I know what you mean! I don't know what I really believe when it comes to them, but learning the meaning and putting my own thoughts and experiences and first impressions into the cards is a lot of fun. And yes, you are right about using vintage things. I love handling the cards because they belonged to her... but I am so cautions and nervous! :)


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