Saturday, July 16, 2011

Postcard Finds

The other day I posted a few of the items I found while on a thrifting and antique hunt around town with Mike.  I didn't want to flood all of you so I decided to split it up!  Here you can see some of the postcards I bought.  I decided these would look great framed and placed around my house. Still haven't decided on which rooms though!

This Venice postcard is beautiful.  I also love that it has been written on and is from 1970!  So fun to be able to take a peek into somebody's vacation.

This card features Ireland and reminds me of my mother.  She loves book that take place in such a mythical place.

This last one is from China and is so mysterious and a little bit dark.  I think this one will go in my bedroom.  There is something almost sacred to the picture.

Later today Mike and I are going to head down to our local Farmer's Market and see if we can find any goodies. We also might drive around and watch out for garage sales.  Hope you are having a great weekend!  Any plans?


  1. Love the Sligo postcards, some of my ancestors came from there. I recently rummaged through some old postcards at a shop, what fun they were to look at!

  2. These postcards are a great find! How neat, like you actually own a piece of history. They will look great framed. I remember the day that you saw a postcard rack in every gift shop and drug store. I suppose the digital age has taken that away.

    Have a great day, sounds like fun!

  3. That is too funny that you are going to garage sale hunt today! Me and my beau went hunting for garage/estate sales today while there was a break in the rain! I hope you have better luck finding things worth buying!


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