Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boosting Creativity

While browsing Pinterest the other day I found the image above.  I read it once and paused for a moment, thinking about all the things I used to do when it came to photography but don't anymore.  I pinned it to one of my boards, planning on revisiting it later today and continued to browse.  I only got about three rows down before I realized the list was still in my mind.  I went back to it, read it again.  Why don't I do some of these anymore?

I went to the source of the image and found an amazing photography blog, Divas & Dreams.  She is such an amazing photographer and her blog is gorgeous!  I of course was hit with even more inspiration.

Why not do this?  Why not try to make a conscious effort to fit more of these into my life?  Lately, when I have picked up my camera I have felt a bit of an ache, knowing I have been neglecting it.  No more...  I have missed it for far to long.

Do you find you forget to do some of these things?  Which are you most excited to get back to?  Of course, these can be applied not only to photography but in anything that makes us happy.  Share your thoughts with me.  :)


  1. Oh man, cleaning up my clutter works every time! I think it's the feeling that I have more room to work that gets the juices flowing.

  2. This is great ~ love this list and what a fabulous find! Number 4 really made me smile ~ thanks!

  3. YES YES! All of this is so very true!

  4. I LOVE this list! I just keep coming back here and looking at it. Such a great resource :)

    Thanks for sharing!


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