Saturday, July 2, 2011

Relax... In My Saturday

Taking the weekend to really...... relax.........

The boy is away at work until Monday morning and I have decided to use this weekend to unplug a bit.  Of course I will still be checking the blog and reading others... I'm sure I will even take a peek at my etsy shop once or twice (I just can't help myself!).  But since I am waiting on supplies and can't do much soap crafting I figured, why not?  I will paint my nails, refuse to straighten my hair and curl up with Yama and Jinx and begin studying my great grandmother's tarot deck (more on this later).  

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend as much as I am going to.  

OH! And watch out for the next post in my Rainbow Series!  Tomorrow I will be showcasing some of my orange favorites.  And if you missed last week.... red can be found here.


  1. I think I'm gonna have to give my Etsy shop some love too. I've been neglecting it so much. I love your shop, by the way. As soon as I get a job and have some money coming in, I am definitely getting some jasmine soap from ya!

  2. Ooh, you're studying the tarot? I've been teaching myself to read for some time now! It really is fascinating, I love learning about the symbolism behind each card.

    Love the nails!


  3. Kitty - Thanks! I peeked at your shop as well. Love the bit of Ireland! :D

    Kaili - Yes, I received them from my great grandmother after she passed away and am starting to dabble in them a bit. :)

  4. I love your nails, they are so cute! Excellent choices of colors :)

  5. Thanks Kristin. :) I bought a different kind than I usually do and was totally not used to the brush! Hence the paint all over my skin... lol but oh well. :P

  6. I love the nail colors! I really need to paint mine for the summertime :D

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