Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Recap

This has been an amazing month!  I'm trying not to be too sad that it is over.  Fall is my favorite season and it's a little scary how fast it slips away.  It's getting colder here in Wisconsin and I have a feeling November is going to bring the snow.  I am doing my best to find the positive in it!  I hope you all had an amazing October


  1. Novemeber is going to be a great month because you have pink hair! lol! Love the pictures and hope to see one of Yama covered in leaves. :)

    ~ M

  2. Pink hair? No it's turquoise, unless she changed it already. And I prefer blue! :)

    I love the photo recap of your month. GREAT idea.

    I really enjoyed Fall this year and am looking forward to November but once Thanksgiving hits the year speeds up too quickly for me.

  3. Your hair is beautiful! Perfect shade.


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