Monday, November 7, 2011

Pinterest Last 5 -- Vol. 6

It feels like forever since I shared any pins from Pinterest... but here are some!  I think my favorite is the wall art... though I am really thinking about ordering those measuring cups.  I love the pale blue ones!  What about you?  Which would have to be your favorite...?

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  1. This is a nice balance of cute and weird. I think I'm going to try a grow my own pineapple now. XD

  2. Holy Munich! When I saw the photo before I read what it was...the first thing that popped into my head was Percy Jackson. It looks like it could be something right out of one of the books or movie!
    That pineapple pin is so neat! I don't think I have enough sunlight for the felines would try and eat it for sure.
    I like the light blue or the white measuring cups. They are super cute and easy to wash.
    Great pins!

  3. My favorite is the adorable lamb! ~ M


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