Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Creativity Confessions

All through my late teens and early twenties I wanted to be a photographer.  I was constantly snapping photos and loved editing and playing with them.  Most of the time I was shy about my past time, but I never gave it up.  Some of my best memories from my younger years were driving through the country trying to find something interesting to snap some shots of.  It didn't matter if it was private property or if the building seemed dangerous.  There was never any hesitation if it meant getting an awesome photo.

Now it feels like things are different.  I've been struggling with my creativity and lately have been having a hard time finding the perfect way to channel it.  I have dabbled in so many things that sometimes I feel like it is hurting me.  I am a person who is afraid of failure and I have always given something up before finding out if it is truly my passion or just a phase.  Taking pictures has been one of those things off and on but it is the one constant I always come back to.  And now I am rambling to you all about it in hopes that getting it out there and in writing will help me stick to what I love.  Being nervous or unsure isn't going to get me anywhere and it's not going to make me any better.  I need to just do it and I need to do it now.  So no more holding back.

Now I just need this nasty rain to clear up so I can go on a little photo adventure.......

Have any of you experience something like this?  What did you do to get yourself out of a rut or to give yourself that little extra needed push?


  1. Wow, this post mirrors the way I feel about my creativity right now. I am also afraid of failure so I give things up before really dedicating myself to anything.

    I think you should follow your dream though and really push yourself. That is what I'm trying to do to.

    xx, C

  2. I know where you are coming from girl. I just bought one of the Heartsy deals today to see if I would enjoy making little felt animals. (The deal was $10 for $21 for a shop that sells patterns) I figured worst case scenario I hate it (because I don't know how to hand embroider and I hate trying to figure out instructions) I only lost 10 bucks!
    I love photography too. It's something I do as a past time (mostly taking pictures of animals haha) but I think it's great that you are getting excited about taking photos. Being excited about doing something creative is always a good sign!

  3. This is kind of funny because I went out in the country to take pictures earlier this fall and found myself being such a baby. I would never go on private property. I wish I had the guts. I'm definitely shy about taking pictures. Still haven't found a way around the shyness either.

  4. I know exactly how you feel. It took me 6 months of unemployment and absolute misery to figure out that photography was what I want to do with my life. I didn't take a lot of picture during that time, and it wasn't until I decided what I wanted to do that I started to feel creative again.
    Don't let a little rain stop you! Rain can make for some beautiful photography.

  5. Hi Cas, found you via etsy blogteam. I have to say, I am not in a creative rut. I know what I want to be creating. I can't help but be creating. It's the business end of things that has me in slump. just keep muddling through! those malted milk ball cupcakes from aug. post looks really yummy!

  6. Don't think that you can't be nervous about your creative ventures! I get nervous before every craft show, but sometimes a few butterflies are what you need to remind yourself that you're doing what you love.

    Good luck with your new (old) project! I can't wait to see the pictures.

  7. I have felt this way many times. Photography is definitely an on and off thing for me too. I think it's normal to be inspired more often sometimes than others. But those times of discouragement are so hard! I have been trying to make my photography and other crafts really just my "own." When I take ownership of it, all that matters is that it is meaningful and life giving to me. It lets me forget about critics or people who may not understand.

    Thanks so much for posting this. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way sometimes. I hope you find a way out of this creativity rut soon so that you can let your beautiful art shine :)

  8. Whenever I'm in a rut I start working on another creative project and it almost always steers me back to what I was initially working on.


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