Saturday, November 12, 2011

College Education?

My education is kind of all over the place.  Finished high school, skated down the middle.  Went to college, gave up on that.  Firefighter training... loved it and didn't use it.  And yet I'm happy now.  I love where things are going and I'm finally becoming really comfortable in my own skin.  But I feel like there is something missing.

I am thinking about going back to school.  Online, to be specific.  I'm not positive on where I want to go with it but I'm really thinking about web design.  What do you guys thing?  Do any of you have any experience with online school?  The only thing I am nervous about is falling behind or losing focus.  Any advice would be more than welcome.



  1. I would say go for it! I went to community college before transferring to a 4 year college. The community college was great because I wasn't so sure about school, but it was cheaper than a 4 year so I could take whatever classes for some time before deciding what to do. I did take classes online because I worked a lot, but I liked actually being in class more because I felt more able to talk to people and the teacher.

  2. I loved going back to college. I never tried the online courses. I would think it would be interesting. Give it a try.

  3. I took several online classes during my first 2 year of college. They take a bit more dedication than regular classes (and be prepared for extra work to make up for missing "class time"). But I don't regret taking them. What I liked best was many gave you the syllabus of assignments at the beginning of the class, so you could work ahead and save yourself some free time for later. ;-)

  4. I'm in college right now, and I've only taken a few online classes before. I think online classes can be great if you have good self-motivation and know you are going to get stuff done. It just depends on the type of person you are - some people learn better and are more motivated in a classroom. Also, I think just getting a college degree can give some people a sense of satisfaction or pride, and it feels good to be working towards that goal. I say if you are considering it, then definately do it.


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