Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mexican in Milwaukee - El Fuego

While Mike and I were in Milwaukee a few weeks ago we found the most amazing Mexican restaurant -- completely on accident!  We were on our way to *another* Mexican spot when we saw this one.  Hungry and impatient, we pulling in.  The food was amazing and the price was awesome.  Delicious pork soup and tamales!  Mike's enchiladas were delicious as well.  On our way out I spotted the painting in the last photo -- same one is hanging in my Grandparents' home, thought that was pretty neat.


  1. Yum! Mexican is my absolute favorite (it's so much easier to find a delicous vegetarian meal at a mexican place!) what a great accidental restaurant find!

  2. I'm craving tacos ---it's all your fault!
    Only kidding.

  3. Your grandparents have the same painting? That's such a random coincidence! The food looks good. :)

  4. Mexican food is my favorite food. I'm officially salivating.
    Which is s gross word.


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