Sunday, October 16, 2011

Second Smoothie Ever

I mentioned the other day I was starting a smoothie.... thing.  I'm not a super insecure person, but I'm not super secure either.  I have days I love my body, most days.  But sometimes I just feel bleeegggghhh.  I'm not the healthiest but I like to try sometimes.  I love meat and potatoes and spinach.  But I also know I would like to feel better, less aches and less processed crap in my life.  So... smoothies!  I'm swapping a meal a day for one and am enjoying it so far!

Cas's First Second Ever Fruit Smoothie

2 cortland apples
1 banana
10 grapes
1 c. spinach
1 c. ice
1 c. soy milk

BLEND! Drink. Enjoy.  And don't ask what happened to my first smoothie.  It was a disaster.

I'm sure it could have been a lot better but... for what it was it was pretty delicious.  I'm going to have a vegetable one for lunch.

Tomorrow Mike and I leave for Milwaukee.  I'm not sure if I'm going to blog while I'm gone or just write up a few posts and schedule them.  We shall see!  Regardless, I can't wait to go!  Super excited.  :) :)

Have a great Sunday!  Plans?


  1. I'm glad your second smoothie came out better than your first. Once you get the trick of what flavours go well together you can't go wrong!! I like to give myself a smoothie "treat" once a week and add ice cream instead of milk :) xx

  2. I'm not sure I could do that with spinach....even though I like raw spinach. I don't think I'd like it in liquid form.

    I do admire the idea of eating less processed food though! So congrats on your second smoothie and keep us up to date with your recipes.

  3. Smoothy groovy! Looks good to me...and oh, ice cream treat sounds good!
    Bon Voyage!


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