Monday, October 24, 2011

Nails - Mermaid's Tears

O.P.I. -- Mermaid's Tears

I am pretty much obsessed with his polish from the Pirate's of the Caribbean collection.  It's such a nice dusty seafoam.  I almost put a silver shatter over top but I couldn't bring myself to take away from the simplicity of the color.  What do you think?

On another note... I've missed my blog a lot lately.  Or maybe I've missed my inspiration.  Vacation put me in to a bit of a funk and I'm having a hard time finding motivation.  I'm not sure if it's a lack of creativity or drive or what... but it needs to come back ASAP.  Bloggers -- what do you do when something like this happens?


  1. I think it's kinda like when you are out of work on vacation for like a week...then you go back to work and you are still in "vacation" mode, so it's hard to get back into the swing of things. But instead of's blog mode. I think you'll start to get back into wanting to blog and finding inspiration to blog once you're fully out of vacation mode!
    I take a break from blogging usually on the weekend and then it's kinda hard for me to get back into it because I've been soooo away from it for two days. That's why I do a what I wore post on Mondays because I like to do them and it gets me back into blogging.
    Maybe do a post or a couple posts about things you just love or love to share. Whether it's about Yama and Jinx or a new recipe you tried because you seem to enjoy writing about that kinda of stuff!
    Sorry...that was far too long of a comment! Hope it the nail polish!

  2. lovely!

    I am having a lack-of-inspiration right now I don't have any advice!

  3. I love OPI nail polish. You would just love this nail file, it seals your nails and gets them straight very easily. My favorite!

  4. I have four of the polishes from that collection and want them all. They're all so pretty and this is definitely my favorite. So perfect.

  5. such a pretty color!

    when i'm feeling inspired, i create a lot of posts and leave them as drafts to come back to when i am stuck for ideas.

    also, it's perfectly okay to take a break! sometimes you just need to let yourself be uninspired for a bit before inspiration comes up and bites you ;)


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