Thursday, October 13, 2011

PC Madness and Smoothie Adventures

(image found via Pinterest)

Today has been full of so much unnecessary madness.  I wasn't going to blog at all but while lying on my couch and watching Project Runway a feeling of guilt started to set in.  I have never skipped a day of blogging.  I know what you are thinking!  "Cas!  It's okay to skip a day now and then.  You're human.  It's just a blog!"  I know.  I've been saying them over and over for some time now.  But I couldn't give in!  Ahhh...... so here is a ramble.  Apologies.

I can say I slept amazing last night.  Woke up, made coffee, attempted to shake off the sleep while it brews. Out of creamer.  No milk.  Crap.  Day keeps going, let Yama outside to do his business.  Twenty minutes go by and I head out to check on him and it's sprinkling.  He's got his lead stuck on a log.  This was the saddest doggie face I have ever seen.  "Mom!  You left me outside stuck to a log IN THE RAIN!"  Gah!  Dry off the dog and give him lots of hugs, apologizing profusely (yes, to my dog).  Get on the computer and try to open a game (WoW) and my graphics are jacked.  Not working, horrible lag.  I got a new graphics card a few weeks ago and it is very high quality and failing me miserably.  Sad... sad Cas.

End rant!  OH!  You are probably wondering why there is a picture of a smoothie up there.  I also decided I'm going to swap a meal a day with a smoothie.  I went to the store and had a blast picking out fruits and veggies, came home and made one and it was ..... yucky.  Following some sort of recipe tomorrow, that's for sure.  But I'm still very excited about it!  I promise I will share my discoveries.

I hope you all had a great Thursday -- I just realized tomorrow is Friday.  Woo!  Thanks for letting me ramble. xoxo


  1. hi Cas!

    that smoothie looks delicious! I hope tomorrow you´d make a delicious one too(:

    Hope you have a perfect friday!

    Carmila Ponycat

  2. Hey, I know how you feel on the WoW front, always bad start to a day when you can't have coffee either!! xx


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