Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween Neon Green Nails!

China Glaze - In the Lime Light (Neon) 1009

I am loving this polish!  It's such a bright green and the finish has a powdery texture, not glossy.  It's super funky.  The only downside is it took me four coats to get it as opaque as I wanted it.  Still loving it!

How is your weekend going?  Yesterday was low key, just relaxed around the house with the hubby.  Today it is SEVENTY FIVE out!  We are cleaning up the yard and maybe having a fire tonight.  Hope you're having a great Saturday!


  1. Nice color but 4 coats! Yikes. Let us know how long it lasts before chipping.

  2. Now that is green! I could never be patient enough to put on four coats! :)


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