Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Calling for Hair Advice!

So.... as I'm sure you all know I have been talking about coloring my hair a crazy bright color for some time. Yesterday I finally took the plunge and did it!  But.... there were a few hitches along the way.  Maybe some of you who have experience with this process know what I did wrong or why I had so many road blocks....

- I bleached my hair before anything else.  My hair felt fine, not squishy or over-processed or anything.
- Conditioned
- Mixed Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise with conditioner... 75-25 percent ratio.
- Applied to hair
**As you can see in the third photo my roots sucked it up perfectly, yet my strands it seemed to just sit on the hair.  This was the huge problem we encountered.  Why would this happen?  Too much conditioner in the dye mix?  Shouldn't have conditioned after bleaching?  Dyehards... please help!**
- Rinsed and realized my hair looked crazy.  I know I should have taken a photo of this stage but it was impossible. :P  My roots were a gorgeous turquoise and the rest was uh..... greenish with some turquoise streaks through it.
- Panicked and covered it with a blue/purple color
- Hair still seemed to not soak up the color in some places, blue streaks with a faded purple undertone.
- Here we are!

I think the color is pretty but it is obviously not what I really wanted.  I am hoping one of you can tell me what I did wrong!  If not, in a few weeks when this has faded I'm going to ignore conditioner completely and use strictly Atomic Turquoise by it's own.

Regardless, the bluish purple is nice so I'm trying to be optimistic!  


  1. i like it! you could have called the original teal ombre and been tres chic :)

    ii'm going red again soon...thank you for the kick in the ass to get it done

  2. Hey Sweetie!
    It's ok it's your first time, don't panic. I would only mix conditioner if you are adding to color that you have already done, I think that is where you went wrong. Keep in mind the heat from your head will always bleach your roots faster so do that part last. I think it looks good especially for your first try.
    Take care~

  3. Okay, I have a few suggestions. First - I wouldn't reccomend using Manic Panic! For me, MP has never stuck to my hair hardly at all. Do you have a Hot Topic nearby? I use Raw color from there, and it works well for me. I hear Punky Color is okay too, and they have that at my mall at least. And I'm sure you've heard Special Effects is supposed to be really good... you usually have to buy it online though. I've never used it.

    Also, I wouldn't mix any conditioner in with the dye (I did this once and it left my hair greyish-blue and I dyed over it the next day with pure dye). And the thing about having intense roots and duller ends - if you start off with brown hair, or anything darker than blonde and bleach it - this is an effect that I find nearly inevitable! I have dark brown hair, and I just sort of except having intensely bright roots. I also have accepted that I can't get my hair bleached light enough to have very pastel colors and I stick with deeper/darker blues and purples. You can see in my photo for my 'about me' on my page, I have Raw True Blue with a little bit of Deep Purple mixed in and it's pretty vibrant.

    Sorry this was so long - but to sum it up, I think if you just use a better brand of dye, it will stick better and you'll have a more even tone to your hair. It might not be perfect but it'll look pretty darn good. P.S. in the photo at least, I think it looks sweet. Good Luck!

  4. I think conditioning after bleaching might have done that. From what I've read off the bottle of dye and from what I've done and other coloring tips all say color right after bleaching. Also, maybe not adding conditioner to the color will help because you already have bleached hair and it will still be fairly light because of that. Granted, yellow bleach color + turquoise kind of equals green. It's possible that your roots were lighter already before they were bleached which might be why they absorbed the color better (because they bleached lighter).
    I have to say though that I really like the darker blue more than the turquoise on you.

  5. I wish I had some advice but I've only gone darker with my hair. But the shade it turned out is absolutely beautiful!

  6. I think your new hair color is gorgeous!!!

  7. Had I only seen the pictures I would have thought that you had done it one purpose. I'm in awe of how sweet that color is. Keep it. Keep it, keep it, keep it.


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