Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pinterest Last 5 -- Vol. 5

 I haven't made a new recipe in awhile, I feel like such a slacker!  I've got my eye on this eggnog pound cake as one of my next dessert.

 This spooky photo has really got me in the mood for Halloween.

 I can't seem to do my hair lately without a braid or two mixed in.  This style is adorable.

 Beyond precious!

Romantic and full of fantasy.

I recently organized my boards on Pinterest.  I spent almost an hour this morning (is that sad?!) reorganizing all of my pins and created a few more boards.  When I joined Pinterest in the very beginning I was nervous about making a bunch of different boards, don't ask me why.  I feel like I have a nice amount now without spreading things out too much.

Please let me know if you are on Pinterest, I'm always looking for new people to follow!  What are some of your favorite things to pin?  I am always drawn to amazing photography, delicious-looking recipes and adorable animals!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. That pound cake looks pretty yummy! I'm always looking for recipes on Pinterest. I'm always just looking on Pinterest!!


  2. Following you on pinterest! Going to re-pin that halloween picture and the delicious looking pound cake!

  3. The kitten and it's little tongue!!! PRECIOUS!

  4. That pound cake looks delicious! and that kitten is adorable <3_<3

    I love blue hair braids(;

    Have a lovely day!


    Carmila Ponycat

  5. You what's sad? Is that I've been a girl for about 20 years now and still haven't mastered braiding my own hair. I can braid just about anything else but a braid never turns out well in my hair. It's a shame.


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