Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Waiting for Autumn

 This spooky tree painting (BrittsFineArt) is dark and whimsical.  I love this type of art and even though the style is very Halloween I really think I could leave this on my wall all year long.

 This gorgeous leather mask (museevolution) has me thinking about costumes and masquerade balls!

 "Lust" perfume from themorbidthemerrier.  I tried a few of their samples a few months back and they were amazing!  It's time to order something a little darker and richer for the fall months.

 This autumn photograph (sparksoffire) is a mix of mystery and adventure.  At first it seems magical and innocent but the more I look at it the more I can imagine creatures lurking through the forest...

 I'm loving this wrap from onelovescreations.  I'm definitely going to order one to wrap my (soon-to-be!) dreads.  Pssst... they've got an amazing turquoise one as well in their shop.

Love this rustic necklace... the mix of bronze, black and gold colors are amazing.  (organikx)

I can't believe there are 17 days of summer left!  The past few days have been in the low sixties with a really nice breeze. It's already starting to feel like autumn and I'm more than ready to let go of the summer.  Though I love everything summer brings (hello festivals, tanks, fishing, camping...) I am more than pumped for autumn.  It is definitely my favorite season. I love the smells and the colors and everything else the change of season brings.  I'm sure I'm jumping the gun but I had to share a few things that are getting me in the mood for crunchy leaves and love sleeves.

Thanks for the suggestions on new soap scents yesterday!  If you missed it check it out and let me know what fall/winter scents you love.


  1. Wow, some fabulous autumn picks Cas! Thank you for featuring my necklace!

  2. Love the Sparkx of Fire wood photograph! It looks like the mysterious part of an adventure story.

  3. That mask is so gorgeous!
    I'm intrigued by the themorbidthemerrier perfume, I'll have to check the shop out, what great Autumn inspired finds!

  4. Love the mask! I've always adored a masquerade halloween!

  5. Great picks, especially that rustic necklace! I can't wait for fall:)

  6. You just got me all excited for Halloween with that painting. I can't wait!


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