Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day In Pictures #1

Just a little peek at a few things that happened throughout my day yesterday.

8:00 AM -- Catching Yama digging a fresh hole in the backyard.

 9:00 AM -- Boiling some eggs.

 10:00 AM -- Before a change of nail polish... Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, Blazin' Blue (23)

 11:00 AM -- Quick shower, letting my hair dry naturally.  It's in much need of a break lately.

 12:00 PM -- Catching a few pages of my favorite book.

 1:00 PM -- Toast and peanut butter for lunch!

 2:00 PM -- Doing some dishes, put these off for way too long.

 3:00 PM -- A new candle... Pecan Pie.  It smells so delicious!

 4:00 PM -- Tea Time!  I made a whole pot and sat out on the porch while Yama played in the yard.

 5:00 PM -- Beer time!  Mike finally came home from work.

 6:00 PM -- Played a few video games (World of Warcraft!) while waiting for dinner to be delivered.

 7:00 PM -- Lasagna from a little pizza place in town.

8:00 PM -- Deliciously spicy cookies that I will have a recipe to share with you tomorrow!

Have you ever done a project like this?  It was a lot of fun and I'm thinking about doing something similar very soon.

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  1. Great pictures ~ looking forward to the cookie recipe (:

  2. That's such a fun idea. :) Loved it. The blue nail polish looks amazing!

  3. What a cool idea! Maybe I'll do this today. I'm notoriously bad about taking pictures, even for big events, so maybe this will get me into the habit a little more.

  4. Such a good day.
    That lasagna... I swear, every time I get done going through my blogs I'm so hungry. This is probably why.

  5. Ahhh, what a lovely day! Your dog is so cute :) and I love the nail polish color.

  6. ooo! looks like a pretty great day! high five for beer and video games and some freaken' delicious looking food!!! ps. cute puppy!!

  7. I love seeing these photo-an-hour posts. I always mean to do one but I'm terrible about remembering to pick up the camera! Love that shade of blue nail polish and your dog is the cutest!!

  8. Wow...I love so many things about this post. 1. Your nails 2. They cookies 3. The football beer!


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