Saturday, September 24, 2011

Haluski - My Favorite Dish Ever

First off.... you guys are awesome.  So glad some of you said you like cooked cabbage because for some reason it makes me feel like a bit of a nerd.  It brings me back to elementary school when I pulled my tuna fish sandwich out of my pack and all of my friends were grossed out and didn't want to to sit with me.  Traumatizing, I know.  :P  But seriously.... this dish is amazing.  Who doesn't love butter and noodles and bacon?  Uh.....


1 head of green cabbage
1 pound bacon
1 pack egg noodles
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 onion
salt and pepper

Cook your bacon, saving the grease
While the bacon is cooking, chop cabbage in roughtly 1" x 3" strips
Dice onion
Toss cabbage and onion in a large pot with butter and about 1/4 of bacon grease.  Cover and cook on medium until wilted, about 15 minutes
Bring water to boil and toss in your noodles, cooking according to package
Remove cover on cabbage and continue cooking until just browned, add bacon
Drain noodles and mix in with cabbage and bacon
Eat it and love it

Hopefully this recipe is easy to understand.  This isn't exactly traditional Haluski (usually it's made with a sort of flour/potato dumpling) but this way is so easy and so so delicious.  I think it's even better in the morning for breakfast.  And last night it was even better because I got to pair it with my first glass of cider this season.  I'm so addicted to cider, I should be watched carefully when around it for fear of stomach aches.

Today I am headed to the laundromat to wash my giant winter comforter and to ship off a few packages.  And then I might head over to look at fabrics for my Halloween costume!  I'm dressing as an owl and making the entire outfit myself (keep in mind I have zero idea how to sew or make a pattern) so this should be pretty exciting and interesting.  I promise to show you guys pictures once I get it started.

Tonight I will be drawing the winner for my SOAP GIVEAWAY at 10:00 PM!  Watch out for the winner tomorrow morning.


  1. That looks good!

    I have several cooked cabbage recipes, but
    I've never paired cabbage with noodles before.

  2. Thank you for the recipe and photos! It looks divine and perfect for these autumn days!

  3. This looks delicious!! wow, I really want to try this and I dont cook...but I want to learn(:

    Hope you re having an awesome sunday(:

    Carmila Ponycat


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