Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn Bonfires

Yesterday the Weather Channel had me convinced rain was coming.  I moped around a bit and planned on spaghetti for dinner and a quiet night indoors.  But lucky for us the weather changed it's mind and Mike and I got to spend some time outside!  We (like usual) started a fire and enjoyed the light breeze and comfortable temperature.  

I am loving this weather more and more every day and I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts.  I know winter will be here before we all know it and I've promised myself this year I wouldn't complain (much).  I'm from Ohio, you'd think I would be used to cold winters... but I'm telling you, Wisconsin is so different.  There is just more of everything.  More cold, more slush, and WAY more snow.  And it seems to last a whole lot longer.  But this year I'm going to try to savor it and take advantage of it..... hopefully.  Until then, I am soaking up this fall weather and savoring every second.

So Mike and I sat outside and cooked hotdogs and baked beans for supper.  I snapped a shot of my sparkly toes before I re-do them and touched up my freshly painting black nails.  You would think I'd paint all the digits at once, huh?  No.... I always forget about the toes for some reason.  Woops!  Perhaps I will do them later today.  I'm thinking something on the lighter side.

How is your week going?  We're half way to the weekend and I've got some baking plans I can't wait to share with you soon.  What do you think.... peanut butter or cinnamon sugar?  Maybe both!  More on that later...

Have a great Wednesday.  :)

P.S. --  I have reached 100 followers!!!!  You all are amazing and I appreciate you guys more and more everyday.... I love all the comment and I especially love getting to know some of you.  It's been a blast these past three months and I'm looking forward to more and more!  Thank you all for supporting me! xoxo


  1. Nothing better than the smells of fall ~ bonfires, cinnamon......

  2. It's been raining here for days and days. I am craving a bonfire so bad!

  3. Pretty fall photos! We've had so much rain. Ugh. I can't wait for it to pass. This week has been really busy, and I still have a ton of stuff to do!

  4. Yay for 100 followers!

    By the way I gave you a blog award, you can find it here:


  5. Congratulations on 100 followers! That's a nice milestone for bloggers. I'm sure you will get more and more everyday and before you know it, you'll be celebrating 200!

    I'm with you on the weather. This is perfect! I could like this year round. I've been trying to talk my husband into a firepit for our backyard and I think it's finally working!

  6. I can't wait for the fall weather to reach us here in New York. We had a taste of it two weeks ago, but then the heat and humidity returned :(

  7. woop woop on 101 followers! I think I can almost smell that bonfire from here. Your street looks A-mazing! Lots of pine trees here so I don't get to see that autumnal change so much. It is so beautiful though - a true wonder of the world if ever there was one! Enjoy ALL of it before the layers and layers of white stuff and wool and mittens arrives!

  8. Congratulations! The picture of the leaves on the deck needs to be framed!


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