Saturday, September 17, 2011

Italian Chicken Soup

Wednesday afternoon I was hit with the cooking bug.  I wanted to try a new recipe and I wanted to try it THAT DAY.  After scouring Pinterest, Food Network and a few other places I finally stumbled up this recipe for Italian Chicken Soup.  I loved that it was light and yet creamy at the same time with lots of chicken and olive oil (the perfect excuse for crusty bread).

Now, I've gotta tell your off that bat that this recipe is kind of time consuming.  It's not hard it just has a lot of steps and components that have to be prepped before you get to throw it all in one pot.  But I really think it was worth it!  It's full of chicken, tomatoes, green peppers, pasta and a touch of jalapeno that really set it off.

Leftovers?  Oh yeah, this soup is even better in the morning after all the flavors had really had a chance to marry.  Nom nom nom.....

Let me know if you try it!  I've never been much of a cook but lately I've really been pushing myself to make more stuff from scratch and try new and different things.  Next week I'll have an awesome fall/winter cookie recipe for you as well.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Looks AWESOME. I'd eat it right now and I just woke up.

  2. oohhh this looks yummy! My cats like nothing better than chiken soup because all the kitchen smells like chiken and they know they'll get a treat :p
    Thank you for your comment, what you said is so true, drifting back and forth is a normal process when making art right :)?

  3. This sounds so good. We love to make soups in the winter. Love the pasta you chose.

  4. This looks really yummy! I was thinking of gathering soup recipes for the chilly weather ahead. This could be the first.


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