Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sunset Spirituality

After cooking and eating an amazing dinner last night (Italian-style chicken soup that I promise to share with you very soon) I took Yama outside and was caught off guard by the beautiful sunset.  It's so amazing that something that happens every single day can still be so magical and breath taking.  I took way too many pictures and only stopped because I was losing light.  :)

It's almost 10:00 AM and I am still in my jammies and on my second cup of coffee.  All I have accomplished for the day is feeding the critters and painting my nails.  They are in the process of drying now and I am typing very carefully.  Mike has a short day at work and will be home around noon.  We have plans to visit the bookstore and maybe I can talk him into a little thrifting trip (crossing my fingers!).  

I'm picking up a book or two to aid me in my search for a bit more spirituality in my life.  I won't go too in depth right now because I'm still testing the waters but once I start some studying and discovering I'll share it with you.  I have never been much of a religious person but I do feel a strong connection to life (if that makes any sort of sense).  Sorry for being so vague but I just can't help it.  Wish me luck and I promise to tell you more soon.  :)

Have a wonderful Thursday and start getting excited because the weekend is almost here!

Also, thank you so much for the comments and thoughts yesterday.  Jinx has been more affectionate than usual since his incident and I'm pretty sure it has given him a greater appreciation of his home and parents (yeah right... but maybe).

:)  :)


  1. That sunset is beautiful! I for one am looking forward to hear more about your spiritual journey. My life has been stressing me out and I think it's time to get some positive energy.

    You sound like me with the cat situation. My cat has never gone outside in her 11 years. I'm an overprotective cat mommy, I too would have freaked out!

    While I was working one day, we had a houseguest who saw a black cat in the back yard and thought it was Punkie. My husband spent over an hour looking for that cat only to come in and find Punkie snuggled up on his chair in the office. He told his cousin that I would have killed him if anything happend to Punkie and he wouldn't let that happen on his watch!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous photos! I wish you luck in your spiritual journey :)

  3. What a beautiful sunset!! I see why you kept snapping away at it. I wish you luck with your spiritual journey, and I hope you were able to do a little thrifting too! :)

  4. I've been thinking about spirituality recently, too. I hope you find what you're looking for (if there's anything in particular)!

  5. I think you would enjoy Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. He talks a lot about finding god in nature and himself.

  6. Those colors are out of control. I just love that via the internet you're able to share something so beautiful :)


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