Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favorites #5

The view outside as soon as I wake up.

This Goldilocks bowl set is precious.

Not only is the quote beyond true but the colors and composition are gorgeous. 

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - 250 Blue It
Loving this new nail polish. It's one of my favorite shades of blue!

I have always loved wrap bracelets but this one has such FUN colors.

Oh, Friday.  Normally I would be so excited you are here but this is Mike's "on weekend" so it feels more like a Monday.  Nothing I had planned yesterday happened either!  I completely forgot Mike had some training to do in the evening so that changed everrrrything for the day. :P  We went in to the city for a few hours early in the day and had lunch at Applebee's.  However, before we had to head home I did manage to convince Mike to run over to Petsmart where I got Jinx a harness and leash.  Kitty playing outside?  We'll see how this works out... :P  He loves to look out the window though and has even sneaked out once!  I know he wants outside but I can't even debate the idea of him going out alone.  So harness it is.  I'll be sure to have my camera close when we try it out.

Enjoy your weekend, guys.  I don't have much on the agenda... I have a feeling it's going to be a  quiet one.  No complaints though.  :)



  1. Enjoy the peace and quiet! We start the "real" work on our bathroom overhaul today, and I'm totally nervous. Here's hoping we don't break anything...

  2. The bowl set is SO darn cute! I love the bracelet too. Super cute finds.

    Good luck with the harness. Cat + harness = fail for me. I've tried with 3 of the cats and none of them were happy with me. We thought for sure Penelope would be cool with it because she always wanted to go outside but she hauled butt back inside the minute she heard anything she didn't recognize. You may be more patient though...I expected it to be a quick adjustment...I'm sure it's not! Can't wait for photos!

  3. I just had a friend of mine make me one of those bracelets! I looove it. I'll probably get a few more made before I feel complete.

  4. Goldilocks bowls are really cute. And I used to have nail polish in that exact same shade! Love it:)

  5. i own 3 of the wheatfield prints, and want more. the goldilocks bowls are so cute! hope you're weekend is great!

  6. I love that quote print. Additionally, I love your nails! My nails are a very similar shade of blue at the moment - only slightly darker :)



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