Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Early Morning Musings Volume 1

The wind woke me up yesterday morning.  The trees were whipping around and I could tell that my dog, Yama was feeling a little anxious.  Looked to the clock, 7:00 AM.  I had no intentions of waking up this early but that didn't matter.  Yama wanted outside, I could tell.

Yep, it was windy. I couldn't believe how much the trees were moving.  After getting over the initial shock I realized it was kind of nice.  The temperature was 63 and the wind was bringing up the scents of the bay down the road.  Yama was definitely enjoying it.  Face to the wind and eyes closed, he stood there for a good minute just sniffing the breeze.

Jinx hasn't adjusted to the move that well.  I knew he wouldn't but it is still a bit frustrating.  He is a very moody and stubborn cat.  Perfectly comfortable upstairs, he doesn't want to come down and explore the rest of the house.  He will get down the steps and peek around the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room a bit but as soon as he gets near the dining room/office he bolts.  There is a dark ceiling fan on the ceiling and I'm pretty sure he thinks it is a hawk.

Coming inside, I was greeted with a wonderful surprise.

The visit didn't last long.  He let me pet him for a bit but I could tell he was wound up and wanted to play.  Yama caught sight of him and off they went upstairs!  I was able to get Yama out of the bedroom though and get a few more pictures.  Though excited, he didn't mind posing for a few more pictures.  Sometimes I think his dream is to be a model.  He sure does have the attitude for it!

Playing with the animals was great fun but now it was down to business...........
Painting my nails of course!!!  And showing off the new shades. :P

Also!  While having my usual coffee/blog time in the morning, I stumbled upon this post from Handmade Nest.  I immediately printed out one of her printable freebies and put it on my fridge.  Gives me a little smile every time I go in the kitchen.  Thanks, Dita!


  1. Yama and Jinx are just too darn cute!
    I'm set to move in a couple months (into a place with stairs which my felines are not accustomed too) I worry that they will be MIA like your Jinx!

    PS - love the sunglasses and nail polish!

  2. Jenna - Thanks! Yeah, Jinx had never seen stairs OR ceiling fans before we moved here..... well he's over the stairs but the fan? Pretty sure he thinks it's a hawk. We haven't figured that one out yet! :/ Hopefully your kitties do better than mine. :)

  3. That is a sweet deal for Yama, all the joy of having your head out the window of the car, and all the comfort of home.

  4. Awww Yama is super precious!
    And I love those printables from Dita too!

  5. I love the smell of the ocean on the breeze!

    I'm jealous you got up so early - I've had such a hard time getting up before 10 lately, and usually I wake up at 8!

  6. Yay! Sweet! Thank you very much Stella~!
    I really want to borrow your sweet print and post. I let yo know later. Thank you ♥

    I love the tree photo!


  7. Thank you!
    You're here, Cas!

    p.s - i love the nail polish!


  8. Your fur babies are so cute!!
    And I love that print


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